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What You Can Expect From This Moment

OMAHA, NE - Saturday, September 7, 2024

Follow Black Women Conference 2024 Theme: Activate Your Superpowers to Enhance Your Mental Wellness, Manifest Money & Actualize Your Mission.


Follow Black Women Conference is the premier conference created by a Black woman, for Black women to prioritize the needs, challenges and desires of Black women so they can thrive!


Information for personal evolution and professional growth. 

Wisdom from seasoned professionals. 

Tangible tools you can apply now. 


A lively vibe and empowering energy.

A get up on your feet and dance moment. 

You got this motvational engagement. 


A judgement free atmosphere. 

A supportive sisterhood.

Authenticity, transparency and truth. 

To be seen, heard and valued. 

Follow Black Women Conference
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