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Follow Black Women Conference

2024 Follow Black Women Conference



Catrice M. Jackson - Justice Is Love Coalition, LLC

Educator | Speaker | Author | Freedom Fighter
Founding Comrade of The Justice Is Love Coalition, LLC

Catrice is a Black woman who loves, centers, and celebrates blackness every day while unapologetically living her best Black life. Catrice is the CEO of Catriceology® Enterprises, LLC; the Founding Comrade of the Justice Is Love Coalition, LLC and the host of Black Couch Conversations, a Black-ass podcast for Black folks with a psychological twist. 


Catrice is also the creator of SHETalks WETalk Race Talks for Women and the author of more than thirteen books, including Antagonists, Advocates and Allies; White Spaces Missing Faces; The Becky Code; Unf*ckablewith; Weapons of Whiteness®; Let’s Talk About Black Love; Let’s Talk About Black Peace; Let’s Talk About Black Happiness, and Weapons of Whiteness®. As an anti-racism speaker and educator, Catrice serves up strong medicine and hard truths in a straight-up, on-the-rocks, no-chaser style to eliminate the lethal infection of anti-black racism. 


Catrice is unapologetic love in motion. She passionately and lovingly serves the Black community as a Movement Mental Wellness Mentor, Emotional Equity Advocate for Black Students, and a Black Liberation Artist. Catrice, AKA Nyalla Mkale Ukwazi, is a singer, songwriter and recording artist. 


Unbothered by naysayers and unflinching in her approach, Catrice’s dedication to Black people is the motivation behind her personal and global movement, Justice Is Love. Catrice is committed to fighting for justice, freedom, and Black liberation through combating racial injustice and advocating for community peace, youth equity in education, and economic justice through reparations. She believes justice is love, and love is justice.

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Daja McLaurin-Benton - Finance Therapy Group, LLC

Daja Benton is dedicated to accounting and tax services for individuals and small business owners. Her tax firm offers the expertise of a tax professional and specializes in powerful tax planning techniques. These highly effective strategies save her clients tens of thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

Daja is a powerhouse finance expert who covers a host of topics unveiling all things finance from both a basic to advanced level of knowledge. As a catalyst of her community, Daja set out to start her own Tax firm at the age of 23 where she later established the need for holistic accounting across a host of other services specifically dedicated to the business owner who has a desire to thrive financially. With nearly 10 years of experience beginning with banking, migrating to accounting, and furthering in investments, Daja is the secret weapon that businesses across Phoenix, Atlanta, Baltimore, Oregon, and Omaha use to grow and expand. With vigor and determination, Daja has rapidly grown her firm to supporting almost 300 clients per year with her tax service alone.


Finance Therapy Group is an Accounting Firm that specializes in Tax preparation, Bookkeeping, and Financial Advisory.

They support organizations and business owners with creating a holistic accounting experience that allows for them to stay ahead of their profit margins, scalability, and essential accounting needs. They are the only firm that incorporates compliance level tax preparation services with a full scope advisory relationship that allows for us to develop our relationships with our clients on a year-round basis and invest for the future amongst a diversified portfolio.

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Saturday, September 7, 2024 - Omaha, NE
The Venue At Highlander Accelerator
2120 N 30th St, Omaha, NE 68111

Follow Black Women Conference



This moment is not a sit down and take notes, boring, and status quo conference. It's a phenomenal experience filled with ,authenticity, truth-telling, radical acceptance, unbridled joy,  sensational speakers, dancing, music, fun, freedom and electrifying Black Girl Magic! We encourage laughter, freedom of expression, unwavering support and the rare opportunity for Black women to take off the masks they forced to wear in life, the workplace and community to avoid being seen and labeled as the angry Black woman. We invite you to come and experience the freedom and joy that encapsulates this conference just for you. 


Although this conference caters to the Black woman, all women are invited to learn how to see, hear, believe, support and follow Black women. 


This is a Cosplay event and this year's theme is: Activate Your SupHERPowers to Enhance Your Mental Wellness, Manifest Money and Actualize Your Mission. 


We know there is Black Girl Magic inside of you and that you are your best SupHERShero! What does your magic look like? How does your SupHER power show up? How do you embody and express the Shero within? It's all up to you! We invite you to come dressed as HER! Whatever you envision your inner Shero to look like. Have fun with it. Be creative, audacious, and flamboyant! Start planning your outfit now because there will be a special prize for the best-dressed Shero. 


This year at the FBWC 2024, we are raising the bar. We'll have the same unique flavor, swag and fabulousness... but we are doing some deep teaching with tangible action steps. This year it's level up time. 


Our speakers will facilitate a one-day empowerment Master Class focusing on enhancing your mental wellness, improving your money mindset and manifestation skills to bring your big vision and mission to life. 

2024 Conference



Ticket Prices

General Admission Black Women: $155
VIP Black Women: $175 
Non-Black Women: $175 

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